Back to where it all began…

In the heart of historic Oxford, Linda and Miles reunited with each other from across the pond to say their ‘I Do’s’ Their elegant and vibrant wedding, set on the hottest September day, was a celebration of not only their marriage but a beautiful return to the place where their love story began – Oxford University.

The enchanting St Johns College, adorned with cream stonework and lush gardens, served as the picturesque backdrop to a love that had blossomed during their Masters degree. This American-born groom and German-born bride found themselves back where it all started. With a little help and sprinkle of magic from Katie Lou Weddings a real inspirational vision was created for a wonderful day.

Linda, radiant in a bright red strapless gown, defied the heat with grace and poise. Her showstopper attire, transitioned into a sparkly red ensemble after the ceremony. As the sun blazed down, white paper fans were greatly appreciated by all guests!

Bridesmaids, dressed in a delightful mismatch of blush pink gowns from Revelry, added to the color palette that brought life to the historic surroundings. Miles, the dashing groom, wore a cream linen suit with a striking red bowtie – a nod to the college staff’s Google searches for the perfect knot!

Flowers by Kirsty worked magic with the red and blush pink theme, with the bright red anthurium stealing the spotlight. The ceremony, adorned with meadow arrangements and towering pillars, framed the couple against the cool cream stonework, creating a visual symphony of colors.

After an emotional first look, couples portraits and groups shots, the ceremony, led by the groom’s father, featured personal vows that were to date the best vows I have heard! Readings by the bride’s father and groom’s sister added a personal touch, while the exchange of heirloom golden rings, a gift from the bride’s parents, symbolized a connection to the past.

Terre Et Lune crafted an exquisite three-tiered masterpiece – a wedding cake that transcended the boundaries of tradition. Watercolor marbling and hand-made paper flowers in red and pink transformed the dessert into a true work of art.

St Johns College, the very place where their love story unfolded, provided a delectable feast, creating a full-circle experience for the couple and their guests. As they strolled through the gardens, memories of their first dates came flooding back, completing the circle of their love story in the heart of Oxford.

The party kicked off in the evening with Club Kudo providing live percussion and Sax to get everyone on the dance floor!

Linda and Miles’ wedding wasn’t just an elegant affair; it was a testament to the enduring power of love, transcending borders, time, and the hottest September, wishing you all the love and luck for years to come!

Linda & Miles – Oxford University, Oxfordshire

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