As a 2015 BRIDE I KNOW what a big deal your wedding day is and trust me when I say you need an unflappable seasoned pro to not only capture every moment but also be there as an additional bridesmaid/hype woman and holding your hand with a cheeky drink at the ready! Then as a MUM of two I know you NEVER get photos of you and your babies (HINT HINT HUSBANDS!!) That’s where I step in…your new PBFFL (photographer best friend for life)  

a Northamptonshire Photographer who wears her heart on her sleeve and is a hopeless romantic

Fancy a sneak peek into the life of Ellie Mac

Creating love notes to showcase how very loved you are 

"I went to Ellie for a maternity photoshoot. The photos were beautiful, never thought I'd be so happy seeing photos of myself especially being pregnant. She made me feel really relaxed. I would highly recommend Ellie to everyone and will definitely be going back."

I am mostly known for chasing sunsets and beautiful countryside locations…squealing as the golden light hits just right so I can capture couples, newlyweds and families in love. People often refer to me as a passionate, big hearted, chatty, ball of energy who will be your biggest hype girl and have you releasing your inner model before you know it! I photograph people who are looking to freeze the magical seasons of life….particularly in golden hour so we can capture all the dreamy golden goodness as you cuddle your loved ones.  I am lucky to give a gift that only grows more precious and valuable as the years pass…the bouquet dries out, the cake gets eaten….the children hold your hand less and start to tower above you…but photographs of those precious moments just keep giving and transport you back with a smile.

Most days you can find me negotiating with two small children, two unruly dogs, one cat and a ridiculously tall handsome husband at our countryside home in South Northamptonshire

A born and bred country girl who is best suited to galavanting the Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire countryside.

Hey hey, I’m Ellie!

  • My husband and kids (but can’t lie I bloomin’ love a day by myself!)
  • My cocker spaniels Digby and Lenny…home isn’t home without a furry friend
  • Wine/Fizz/Gin and evenings hosting at home with pals
  • Anything with sugar in it
  • Scented candles (not fussy I love the Aldi Pomegranate one!)
  • Skiing
  • Hot holidays exploring places off the beaten track with no other English tourists
  • Countryside (come out in a rash if I hit the city) 
  • Sunset walks
  • A tidy clean house (yep clean freak….I will tidy your prep room on the day of your wedding!)
  • Walking around my garden to check out what’s flowering (totally not green fingered but I attempt it!)
  • Sushi
  • Scrolling Instagram
  • Lovely reviews from clients
  • Shooting in golden hour
  • Chocolate angel delight 
  • McDonald’s 

A few of my favorite things

Walking our two cocker spaniels Digby and Lenny

Being constantly late for the school run for my two minimacs rocking a greasy mum bun

Hosting friends and family in the Northamptonshire countryside drinking copious amounts of wine/gin/fizz

Putting on my gym kit and thinking about working out

Ringing my mum a million times a day asking how to adult properly

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When I’m not busy capturing a host of fabulous newlyweds, engaged couples, crazy in love families or tiny new babies you can catch me:

I love that the work I create can make us humans FEEL. Viewing my imagery evokes the feeling of love, connection, an understanding that actually nothing else matters in this world apart from our loved ones. My work raises a smile or the odd happy tear….I did that! That alone makes my heart sing. 

‘This is what I find so amazing; the incredible power of creativity to make us feel something so deeply, that we are swept away in a tsunami of tears and emotions that we cannot control. What a gift that creators have, that they are able to alchemize something that we have all experienced, into such a love soaked creation, that it can sneak past our life-toughened veneer and unravel us from within.’

Well in the words of a photographer I deeply admire, Alexi Lubromirski, who sums it up perfectly

So why do I adore this job? 

1. I ran a chalet in France for 6 months, cooking 3 course meals each night for up to 20 people

2. I was once on tv on a modelling programme however didn’t win as they essentially told me I needed to lose weight (charming!)

3. Age 19 I had my feet broken and realigned and I used to tell people at uni the scars were from where I used to have toes growing on top of my feet (wasn’t true! Or was it?!)

4. As a teenager I used to have horses and could do the splits….these days all I do is drink wine

5. In a former life I achieved a degree in psychology from Leeds Uni....I then spent 10 years as a marketing manager in the luxury automotive industry (shame they didn't let me keep the Bentley!)

If you are as nosy as I am here are five things you might not know about me. 

Which season are you stepping into?

Amy b.

"We have used Ellie for 2 family shoots now and we simply can't get over just how talented she is!!
Ellie is so friendly and instantly makes you feel comfortable!
The photos are absolutely beautiful and we are so pleased with them.
Super fast with sending the finished photos over and they always exceed expectations!
Can't wait to book in again!"

sharlie k.

'Ellie gave our family the warmest welcome & instantly made us feel like we knew her and that we’d have fun. The 3 kids loved her and she had plenty of tricks when someone wasn’t quite playing ball! Both my partner and I said how relaxed we felt with Ellie and the time flew by - as we all enjoyed ourselves! She remembered everything that I had said we wanted from the session. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ellie, although the photos speak for themselves. And WHEN we get married, she’ll be our go to!'

Lucy R.

"Ellie is one of those people that you wish you’d met years ago and, when you do meet her, it feels as if you’ve known her forever. She is so warm and friendly, making you feel at ease and comfortable during the shoot. Her manner with the children is second to none. As for Ellie’s photos, the quality is incredible. She has a talent for getting ‘the shot’ and clearly works hard to find the perfect backdrop and lighting We will treasure our photos forever and Ellie will be talked about in our family for many years to come. Thank you Ellie for everything."

Jess & Josh.

Ellie words cannot describe how grateful we are for everything you did yesterday. We absolutely loved you being part of our day. Thank you for making sure we had the perfect day, you are an oracle! We see you as part of our family, and we love you so very much!
We have just had a look at our sneak peak folder, through teary eyes, and we are both utterly speechless over the photographs. We love EVERY SINGLE ONE